1- This Membership Agreement has been prepared by MEHRÛYAN in order to determine the rules and conditions regarding the use of the www.mehruyan.com website.

2- MEHRÛYAN regularly sends campaigns and announcements to its members who approve the contract and allows them to shop online.

3- The website www.mehruyan.com cannot be transferred or sold.

4- The member has a "password" to be determined by himself. User can change password whenever wants to. MEHRÛYAN has taken all precautions regarding member security. Members are also responsible for member security. MEHRÛYAN never asks its customers for password information. www.mehruyan.com is not responsible for any problems arising from the use of passwords. The e-mail address you provided during registration is specific to the member and has the opportunity to create a single membership; You cannot have two different subscriptions with the same e-mail address. The “password” is known only to the user. In order for the user to connect to the sections that require membership, he must enter the e-mail address and password he entered during registration.

5- The member accepts that www.mehruyan.com communicates with him in order to present campaign applications to the personal and shopping information he has given to www.mehruyan.com.

6- The Member, while becoming a member of www.mehruyan.com, states that he/she is solely responsible for the damages he/she may suffer due to incomplete and incorrect information, in case of giving wrong information and in case of breach of this contract by the Member, MEHRÛYAN unilaterally without the need for any notice or warning. agrees to terminate his membership.

7- Member, all rights of MEHRÛYAN and available on www.mehruyan.com information, documents, software, design, graphics, writing, visual, video, etc. accepts and undertakes not to copy, reproduce, publish or market the works or any content.

8- www.mehruyan.com may suspend the operation of the system temporarily or stop it completely at any time. MEHRÛYAN shall not have any responsibility towards www.mehruyan.com members or third parties due to temporary suspension or complete suspension of the system. Although www.mehruyan.com has entered the user name and password correctly, it may prevent the Member from logging into the system or obtaining a new password without giving any reason. www.mehruyan.com produces information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. that it produces and / or purchased from outside. owns the copyrights of his works. The sales of www.mehruyan.com are limited to its stocks. www.mehruyan.com may not deliver the products out of stock, cancel the order and return the order amount to the customer's account.

Displaying the products in the virtual store does not necessarily mean that the products in question are in stock at www.mehruyan.com or MEHRÛYAN stores.

Information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc., produced by the members and uploaded to the system voluntarily for publication. Works cannot be used without permission.

The authority to change the price and product feature information of the products offered for sale on www.mehruyan.com belongs exclusively to www.mehruyan.com. If there is an error in the price and product feature information, www.mehruyan.com can make the product delivery by correcting the error, or cancel the order and return the order amount to the customer's account, provided that it has the exclusive right to choose.

www.mehruyan.com can enable the member to switch to other websites. In this case, www.mehruyan.com is not responsible for the content of the sites to which the member will switch.

MEHRÛYAN may make changes in the implementation of this contract, as well as amend existing articles or add new articles, in order to comply with future technical necessities and legislation. www.mehruyan.com may turn non-membership services into a subscription-requiring status over time, open additional services, change some of its services partially or completely, or turn them into paid ones.

9- The member accepts and undertakes that in disputes that may arise from this contract, MEHRÛYAN's book records, microfilm, microfiche and computer records will constitute valid, binding, final and exclusive evidence within the meaning of HMK 193 et ​​al. MEHRÛYAN accepts, declares and undertakes that he waives all kinds of objections to his records and his right to offer oath regarding the fact that they are duly kept.

10- In case of disputes that may arise in relation to this contract, the provisions of this contract will be applied first, and in cases where there is no provision, the current Turkish legislation will be applied.

11- In the resolution of any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract, T.C. İzmir Central Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.

12- After the member fills out the member registration form and receives the password, this agreement enters into force between the parties indefinitely.

13- MEHRÛYAN can unilaterally sign this contract whenever he wishes.

k can be terminated.


SELLER: Mehruyan Hijab

Address: Akdeniz Mah. Mimar Kemalettin Cad. No.107 K.6 D.611 Mansion - IZMIR

Phone: 0850 885 06 85

Email: [email protected]

KONAK V.D - Tax No: 34990771886

Klarna Organization Number: 34990771886




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