Return Process
The return period of the re-saleable product that you want to return for any reason is 3 days from the date you receive it. If you want to exchange and return the product when it reaches you, you must call 0545 746 25 53 to provide your IBAN information or fill out the product return form on our MEHRUYAN website.(Not required)
There are NO RETURNS and Exchanges on Discounted Products.
NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON SHAWL AND EVENING DRESSES (since they are specially made for evening dresses)
Refunds will be made to the given IBAN number within 14 working days.
As the product return and replacement conditions, implementations are essential in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 4077.​
The return process for evening dress products; it is only valid if the product is shipped to us on the same day. If the relevant periods are exceeded, the refund cannot be made.
The shipping fee of the products that you send to MEHRUYAN with a return request belongs to the customer. The product to be returned must be undamaged as a result of misuse and its re-saleability feature must not be impaired.
There are absolutely no returns or exchanges on headgear or shawls specially produced for you.
There is no refund for overseas orders, exchange is available. For exchange products, the cargo belongs to the buyer.
The shipping fee of the products that you send to MEHRUYAN with a change request belongs to the customer.
Customs and Import Duty

In case of encountering customs and import taxes in all international shipments; Customs and import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. Your products are sent with DHL Express Worldwide, and they are sent by writing a gift or sample in the description section so that you do not experience problems with customs.
In rare cases, there is a possibility that packages sent abroad may be subject to customs in the destination country. In this case, the customs officers will contact you and inform you about what you need to do to receive your package.

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