Mehrûyan is an Izmir-based online shopping site operating in the field of hijab clothing since 2017. We offer stylish and high-quality options in the categories of dresses, tunics, overalls, suits, various tops, bottoms, and evening dresses for both standard sizes and large sizes.

We bring together designers, who create original interpretations with their refined aesthetic perceptions, with users. Pınar Şems, Gamze Özkul, Lefzen, Eda Ertunç, Rabeysa, Amine Hüma, Sure, Hilal Baş, Som Fashion and more are on with their most exclusive collections.

Adopting 100% customer satisfaction as a principle, Mehrûyan observes all aspects of shopping. The shopping experience becomes perfect with fast shipping, returns, exchanges, the opportunity to receive support from customer representatives, a payment system that provides high security in the use of credit cards, payment at the door, money order and EFT payment options.

We are constantly raising our standards with the mission of delivering quality products to users with quality service. Our activities, which are focused on high business ethics, are shaped by the guidance of our innovative attitude.

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